BREAKING: UK Sun reports coup in China . President Xi suffers "deadly brain aneurysm."

This could be big. Other media are reporting the aneurysm but not the coup. The story is three days old. Huh?

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If the Sun told me it was raining I would look out the window before I believed it.

It’s a rag, wait for a more credible source.


Thanks. The story seems off somehow.

Well, at least they aren’t claiming the new leader looks like Piglet.




In times like these, it’s good to do a search on the term to see who else is peddling things.


Damn ol Indians. They like to poke Pooh bear.


The earliest reports that I found are from India and simply talk about “media reports” instead of a specific source. The reports could easily be speculation/disinformation from government sources in India or the west.

Our news media kisses China ass…so they’re not going to report on it if their masters tell em not too.

Which news media?

All of em.

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The problem is when you read all of these stories you find out they’re all citing each other, so it just becomes a big loop of gossip.

That’s the solution.

Should they be reporting rumors?

Here is video from China that shows Xi speaking during a video conference on May 9:

Here is a German report about the meeting:

The video shows Xi in good health. Deep fakes and state-run disinformation campaigns mean that the video is not absolute proof, but the fact that the German media is reporting the meeting makes it credible.

Of course, the fact that reports about President Xi’s health seem to have appeared immediately after the teleconference may mean that there was something suspicious that started the rumors.

You mean like CNN,NBC,CBS,ABC,MSNBC,NYSlime, Compost etc?

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You libs do all the time.

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No regardless of your hatred of them, they actually do the legwork and source their stuff…they don’t simply regurgitate what other media outlets are reporting.

Yep. We libs do love our rumors.

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