Breaking: Trump will look 'very strongly' at granting pardon to Edward Snowden

Trump also said that “there are a lot of people that think that he is not being treated fairly."
Is trump correct? Has Snowden been treated unfairly?

This will be interesting. Overwhelmingly those that support Trump on this forum made it clear at the time Snowden was a traitor.

Has he been convicted in absentia?

I don’t think Snowden needs to be. Of course, I coukd be wrong.
What’s your opinion? Should trump pardon Snowden?

there are procedures to follow for whistle blowers. he did not follow them. he just leaked classified information. there is no way imo he should not be prosecuted for the leaks. why he leaked, and what he leaked could be mitigating factors at sentencing. real question is… should he do any time? I’d need to see the trial, evidence and defense to form an opinion on that.

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To be honest I never really followed what happened very closely.

But I think I’m pretty clear on the fact he broke the law. Maybe he should face a trial before any pardons are considered. Instead he’s in RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA.

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So, yes on the pardon?

Absolutely not.

I support a pardon for Snowden.

Don’t think so.

Let’s have a trial first.

I thought I was clear on that.

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Perhaps confusing Snowden and Manning?
Obama’s already taken care of that one.

I agree with ohknow35. Let him come back and present all the evidence of what he did and why he did it and then see what should be done.

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What’s your opinion? Do you think trump should pardon Snowden?

I just expressed my opinion.

Trump himself said Snowden should be executed five years ago.


Geez Louise, Trump only said it because he doesn’t even know who Snowden is.


Of course he did.

History has shown that Snowden’s warnings about abuses from the state surveillance agencies were absolutely correct, and surveillance abuses were at the center of the multiyear coup attempt against the elected government of the US.

I would support a pardon.


Yes, we put up statues to them.

George Washington and the signers of the Declaration of Independence would have all hanged as traitors if they had lost the war.

Sometimes the difference between traitor and patriot depends on your point of view.

Not “sometimes”.

All of the time.

What changed Trump’s point of view?