Breaking: Trump says the US conducted a covert cyberattack in 2018 against a Russian troll farm

They all made public statements that Russian troll farms interfered in the election, but you know that. And now Trump fesses up that his administration conducted a countering cyber attack. So what’s your beef here? It happened.

Here is where we once again mention Obama went to McConnell before the election and asked for bipartisan support to denounce Russian interference and McConnell told him to get bent.

And then Trump supporters deny this happened.

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Yes. Because of Obama just came out and said in 2016 that the Russians were interfering in the election and were likely doing it to help Trump without a bipartisan front that would have gone Over super well and not have been categorized as Obama putting his thumb on the scale and he himself interfering in said election.

That wouldn’t have happened at all.


Kind of silly to be asking for evidence when the President himself is saying that it happened.


Had he taken official action without bipartisan support before the election y’all would have been birthing cows in the street and screaming about election interference.

As I stated, no one on this forum can possibly know what is going on in secret. I suspected there was a covert active campaign being waged. But Trump haters were insistent that Trump was doing nothing. I guess we now know that isn’t the case.

You mean the guy running the illegal spying wanted some political cover and mcconnel told him to ■■■■ off.

Try to keep up.

Go back and reread.

Or don’t.

Who was being illegally spied on at the time?

He didn’t seem to mind spying on the trump campaign. Did he inform mcconnell about that??

Well when Trump denies it was even a problem it’s no small wonder that people might think he’s doing nothing. What the hell else would one think?

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Try to keep up. You just did a faceplant about Obama not taking action against Russians before the election. You lost that round, badly.

Relax, it’s just a hoax. It’s really a 300 pound guy in a basement in Jersey.

So to be clear…his “action” was to prepare a bipartisan statement that was never issued.

That’s not quite as tough as


But I’ll admit he didn’t ever put out a statement.

The Crossfire Hurricane crew.

Because the right would have been birthing cows in the street had he done it without bipartisan support which McConnel refused. For purely political reasons against the best interests of his country.

obama admin was running illegal spying since at least April of that year and never told mcconnell.

He just wanted cover.


Trump haters will hate Trump no matter what he says or does. So what is your point?