Breaking: Trump praises Qanon supporters


Including this freaking Q nutjob.

Everything is for sale now. Bend the knee, and you too shall pass. Conservatism is dead.

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At least I have one.

Now why are you making it about me?

That’s why there is no discussion with you.

Have good night.

We all have a conscience. But you’ve offered yours for sale, so I ask why.

If you hadn’t offered it - by suggesting a wager, in which you’d do the right thing - but only of you lose the bet - I wouldn’t have mentioned it.

I forgot to add. Trump looves Laura.

No doubt he voted for her. That’s his home district.

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Is it? I didn’t know.

And he did it by mail. I smell fraud.

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I only know because I used to live in that district, oh so long ago.

It’s ok, she’s going to lose by a lot.

Just more of your babble/double standards of holding other to standards that you refuse to hold yourself.

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Nope. I don’t wager my conscience. You won’t find any posts of mine to suggest that I have.

There is no equality here.

My personal standards are my own - I’m a big fan of personal responsibility.


The GOP has become whoever is willing to support Trump.

Pretty much exactly what a Lindsey Graham both warned against and, after a moment, enthusiastically enabled.


BLM Protesters almost killed a guy on Sunday in Portland and lit a government building on fire there last night.

Libs have said nothing.


When lefties stand up to the domestic terrorists setting our cities on fire then we can talk.

The statement that Trump is giving some kind of “thumbs up” to a domestic terrorist group in the wake of 3 months of radical left wing domestic terrorism that has actually killed people and destroyed livelihoods is laughable.


Would you be upset if Obama praised antifa with the statement below?

“I’ve heard these are people who love our country”

I’ve met Ms. Loomer.

Up close and personal…she’s even crazier than she appears from far away.

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There is no valid discussion with you…which is why I stopped trying.

I am enjoying home made carne asada with a top shelf margarita.
Life is good.


Didn’t she handcuff herself to a building? :joy:

If Democrats won’t stand up against blacktifa, Trump might as well embrace QAnon.

And that makes sense somehow.