Breaking: Trump pardons Susan B. Anthony

I would think that Susan B. Anthony would wear her conviction as a badge of honor and wouldn’t have asked/wanted to be pardoned.

Is this the big pardon the President was thinking about?


That is correct.

What are the odds that he does not know where Seneca Falls is?

Thank you Mr. President.

Identity politics.

What a damning indictment that Trump thinks this should be the highest priority when the USA is facing the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He’s got the women’s vote sewn up with this one.


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Maybe he will put her on our money.

No one has thought of that before.

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I’m almost certain trump has never heard of her.

While the laughter after the announcement was probably not directed at Trump, it is pretty symbolic of how this should be greeted.

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The ‘broken’ Post Office and Susan B Anthony’s 150 year old arrest are suddenly a great concern for Mr. Trump. Typical. He should instead focus on stock market, Israel/UAE, close polls, important endorsements, brokering an emergency funding package (taking credit), etc. Post Office, Ms. Anthony, Ms. Harris’s citizenship? Not helping him. Let what good news there is rise to the surface.

Trump’s desperation is palpable.


What a great symbolic gesture towards women’s rights.


Trump is truly a champion for women.

Why would you think that?

From Susan B. Anthony is convicted for casting a ballot

While Anthony was successful in persuading President Ulysses S. Grant to pardon the election inspectors who were convicted of allowing her to register and accepting her vote, she failed in her attempts to persuade Congress that her fine should be dismissed because she was denied a trial by jury. But she never paid the fine, either, and the government made no efforts to collect it.

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It felt right…


And wow, I had no idea judges used to be able to tell juries what verdict they had to reach. What was the point of having one?

Me either. Sounds like Soviet style justice.

“Defendant, I need you to implicate yourself for counter revolutionary behavior.”

This will definitely lock up the housewives votes.