Breaking: Trump got ~$270 million in debt forgiven

Who does Trump owe money to? Who paid off his debts? Why did Justice Kennedy abruptly resign from the Supreme Court? Why did Justice Kennedy’s son at Deutsche Bank give Trump huge loans when no other bank would? Who bought and paid for Supreme Court seats & the president?

“Trump’s federal income tax records show for the first time that, since 2010, Deutsche Bank and other lenders have forgiven about $287 million in debt that Trump failed to repay”

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Without reading the article… is the debt that he created an LLC to take on the forgiveness of and then disappear down the memory hole in order to avoid paying taxes on said forgiveness?

That is correct.

You would think that people would be concerned over that instead of a soggy laptop.

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You know what I haven’t heard in the longest time? “Having skin in the game.” Whatever happened to that?


Interesting. That whole Trump, Deutschebank, Kennedy, Kavanaugh thing might come out into the open.

We may have to subpoena PJ and Squee after all.


Didn’t I just bring up the Kavanaugh/Kennedy Quid Pro Quo yesterday? It’s like I knew this was coming.

I didn’t.

But I need you to think I did.


If that does come out, would it really change anything?

There were rumors floating around that Kavenaugh had gambling debts paid off and therefore was in thrall to Trump… but that sounded even too hackneyed for the writers of the Trump show so I never really bought it.

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I was just hearing something about Louie Gohmert suddenly coming into a big cash windfall that let him totally pay off a property that he’s been publicly complaining about not being able to afford for literally his entire political career. Some real Albert Fall/Teapot Dome ■■■■■

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We need an announcement of a Special Counsel and investigations by Congress and all media to be reporting on all of this 24/7 between now and Election Day. That’s how this works right, Hunter Biden?

In all seriousness, Trump’s level of financial shadiness and likely criminality is immense and broad. The number of foreign governments that have leverage over him is massive.

It won’t change anything though. Propaganda works.




270 million forgiven. Not one cent in taxes paid for that forgiven loan. Un ■■■■■■■ believable

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Media censorship? It’s a total media blackout!!! Rabble rabble rabble…


It will amplify the voice of the many millions who know that the decisions of this court are illegitimate.

The only value the court has as a stabilizing force in this country is it’s legitimacy as an institution. Without that power, the power will revert to the other branches, more likely the legislative, and perhaps rightly so. Because Republicans have so horribly, horribly tarnished the legitimacy of the court.

Now, Republicans seek to tarnish the legitimacy of elections because they know that elections are about to determine the legislative and executive branches.

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Seems like everybody’s financial arrangements are coming out in October. What a surprise.

Lots of who dids, what did, how did’s and then real speculation, too.

Only one candidate has publicly released their taxes.

Why is that?

Very complicated taxes would immediately start a war between the WashPo and NYTs over who could come up with the most speculative, unsupported questions. I wouldn’t consider releasing them if I were Trump.
And its nobodies business. Of course, if they think it is they are free to vote accordingly.

Seems like they have been able to figure out quite a bit… like a secret Chinese bank account, massive tax evasion, huge amounts of debt and no way to pay it off.

That would be a cool thing to know about our Chief Executive… don’t you think?

Especially one that touts his merits as an amazing businessman.


I’m sure this will get throughly investigated next year.

Mostly, they have speculated. The laptop is real and with the FBI. This is just gross speculation…of the kind you would expect in late October.
Nothing there, but by the time it is realized the voting is over. Its kind of a common thing to do.