BREAKING: Trump and his family sue Deutsche Bank, Capital One

It is CRITICAL that Trump and his family keep the American people (and the law) from the details of his money/transactions/deals. Critical.

He needs to keep this tied up in court until after the next election (or near it because it will take years to figure out all his crimes and who he’s beholden to).

Then, if he wins again, he won’t have to worry about any charges until he’s in his late 70s.

The actions of an innocent man.


He’s suing his own accounting firm to stop the release of his taxes.
He’s suing Duetsche Bank to stop the release of paperwork related to his companies.

Why would a man so innocent do this?
Is there something to hide?

Trump supporters don’t care. If Trump had a vault full of dead women and children, most of his supporters wouldn’t care…at least not while he’s in office. Once he’s no longer in office, he’ll be like the Spice Girls of politics. 85 million records sold worldwide, and yet you can hardly find anyone willing to admit they owned one. That’ll be Trump in 10 years (or less).


He just telegraphs everything. He told us a year or 2 ago where NOT to look. That was the giant red flag.

That’s hilarious.

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Old Lindsey Graham would have called for impeachment…
New lindsey Graham doesnt care.

The gop used to have at least some standards…

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Russier, if youre listening, I hope youre able to find Trump’s tax returns and loan statements. You will be mightily rewarded


Because the new Lindsey Graham is looking for reelection in a state chock full of CRCs.


Reading the actual filing is kind of interesting…

Their argument seems to be that there is no legislative purpose to the subpoena while admitting they have not seen actual copies of the subpoenas. Their other argument is related to the RFPA…

Donald is merely trying to protect his family (and therefore America) from baseless and hateful lib attacks. They enrich themselves on the backs of the.working class, all Donald ever did was give them a wall, better healthcare, zero debt, a land free from Islamist terror and fast food. And libs hate him for it.


In a sarcastic mood, I see.

More nonsense from the less than birther russian collsion crew.

Same exact people. No joke.



At this point, it’s easier to name associated businesses Trump isn’t suing.

Litigation is all that protects the Trump family from the evil machinations of the Deep State.

GOOD!! Unless this insane Democratic controlled House of Representatives demand investigations of every business in the entire country then this is just a form of harassment, discrimination and abuse of power. Do the moron Dems in the House know that our judicial system is INNOCENT until proven guilty and not the other way around and that we have a Treasury Department, IRS and a variety of regulatory agencies that monitor businesses? I suspect they do and it’s just more lawless banana republic behavior from Democrats, it’s disgusting and needs to be stopped!

The President’s former lawyer testified to Congress that the President has engaged in Insurance and bank fraud.

For some reason some people believe that looking into these allegations is not acceptable.

Wonder why?


Leave President Dennison alone! :sob:

I have nothing to hide in either taxes or finances, but if I had political enemies who were misusing the legislative process for political purposes I would stop them too.
We don’t have the 4th amendment just for the protection of criminals.