Breaking: The feds are withdrawing from Portland

Solid concrete with no windows on the first floor… it was never in any danger. Violence, cruelty, and fearmongering was the entire point.

“Chad Wolf, the acting Homeland Security secretary, says the withdrawal will only proceed if feds are confident courthouse will be protected.

The state has agreed to secure the courthouse”

Apparently, trump didn’t get the memo.

This was trump a few hours ago.

I wonder if they will pay the fines Portland is charging them.

“Withdraw”…Kinda sad actually that that term is being used in relation to forces in an American City.

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A win for state’s rights.

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Not true.


Is it?

After 2 months the Oregon SP will be permitted to do their job.

Thanks to Chad Wolf and the terrible exhibition in Congress yesterday.

I am confident the Oregon SP will finally restore order and let the feds get back to regular duty.

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120 of them are from a special tactical border patrol unit and have zero experience quelling violence, their specialty is being violent. Fine when they are performing drug raids with probable cartel connections, not so much dealing with civilians. Even in Portland, the vast majority of protestors are peaceful, not to suggest there isn’t serious violence there. Basically, they are the Navy SEALS of the border patrol and should not have ever been there.

The specially trained officers are the “biggest guys, like the jocks in a football team,” Budd told The Guardian. “They live in tight groups like the Navy Seals, spending their time in military-style training,” she said.

Budd added: “They don’t exist within the realm of civilian law enforcement. They view people they encounter in the military sense as enemy combatants, meaning they have virtually no rights.”

Yes. The state of Oregon and the city of Portland can now address the issue as they see fit.

A victory for Republican

Do you have confidence they can secure the court house with out Trumps help?


It was a ridiculous overreach.

If the city government is smart, they will co-op the mutual disdain for the feds and broker some kind of peace with the protesters.

Uh no. You might want to look closer.

Not true. The building was attacked. They’d have burned it.

Or you could be less cyptic and explain your point.

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The Governor has committed the State Police to protect the courthouse.

Ok. So … state’s rights?

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