The Supreme Court of the United States ruled Tuesday that President Trump’s highly-contested ‘travel ban’ is within his constitutional rights to protect the citizens of the United States; adding the immigration restrictions did not amount to “discrimination.”

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Thank God for our great American President! Prior to him, we had a treasonous, anti-American, enemy loving/supporting, pro-anarchy, pro-chaos, racist, power-monger in the Oval Office. From day 1 as POTUS and FLOTUS, our nation has begun turning the tide in becoming great again.

Thank you SCOTUS! Thank you, Mr. President.

It’s hard to fathom what life would be like now without President Trump. He has had to overcome obstacles on a daily basis from the left all along while they are planning his demise. Thank you, president Trump for not giving up and making America Great Again! #hannity-com-news for his undying devotion to the president and for filling America in every night!