BREAKING: Supreme Court STRIKES DOWN Law Banning ‘Political Apparel’ from Polls

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The United States Supreme Court struck down a Minnesota statute Thursday that barred individuals from wearing “political apparel” to polling stations, saying the law had “good intentions” but overstepped government authority and violated free speech.

In a 7-2 ruling, the justices ruled against the state over a lawsuit that banned a Minnesota resident from wearing a “tea party shirt” while voting.

“Minnesota, like other states, has sought to strike the balance in a way that affords the voter the opportunity to exercise his civic duty in a setting removed from the clamor and din of electioneering,” Chief Justice John Roberts said. “While that choice is generally worthy of our respect, Minnesota has not supported its good intentions with a law capable of reasoned application.”

Currently 11 states and the District of Columbia ban voters from wearing politically-themed “badges, buttons, or other insignias” inside or near the “polling place.”

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I can see not allowing apparel or accessories that favor one candidate or party over another.

Good ruling.

I don’t see any reason for the government to limit free speach - in this situation - for private voters entering a public venue to cast their vote. Whether it be issue oriented or candidate oriented. Now, poll workers and poll observers their acting in an official capaity? Different story. But for voters that enter and leave - they should be able to where what they want.


Electioneering is still illegal.

Yeah, and?