BREAKING: Roger Stone Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ to Mueller Charges in DC Court | Sean Hannity

Political insider Roger Stone pleaded ‘not guilty’ in a federal court Tuesday morning; refuting charges from the special counsel’s office he made false statements to Congress during his ongoing Russia-Collusion probe.

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The Pres was correct when he labeled Mueller’s “investigation” a witch hunt. No Russia collusion. Cohen and Manafort had absolutely nothing to do with the Pres in their guilty verdicts. Mueller wasted time and tax payer money on cases involving Russia collusion that only involved FBI officials and Hillary. It is totally obvious that the only case he wants to make is one against the Pres. I blame this entire drama on Jeff Sessions who did not do the job he was appointed to do. Between Pelosi, Schumer , Durbin, Feinstein and the new breed of socialists, this country would be finished if not for the determination of this great Pres. who obviously loves this country.

The pot is calling the kettle black. Mueller has investigated anyone and everyone who knows the Pres.and according to John Solomon found nothing but collusion by the Clinton campaign to steal the election from the Pres. Am I missing something here? Mueller must know this. He is not a stupid man. His intent is apparent----impeach the Pres. What banana republic are we living in?

Roger Stones only “crime” is knowing and being friends with Pres of the USA. SICK

Listen to Bonginos podcast today. The second Scopes memo they are trying to hide. Nunes is dropping hints. It expanded the investigation to spy on Trump.

When the he!! is the corrupt DOJ and the Clinton cartel going to be charged???

When the he!! will the corrupt Weissmann cartel personally be held financially responsible for the damage they are causing?

THIS JUST CANNOT CONTINUE. We cannot continue destroying American citizens for pure political reasons!

This circus has to come to a end. We need Rudy to push througha d dropthe hammer onall of this ■■■■■■■■■ Make Rudy the special prosecutor to go after ClintonComey and the league of liars.

What is the we. Site for Roger Stones defense fund. To no surprise- it does not come up on google!!