Breaking: Rod Rosenstein to stay longer at DOJ

Very interesting, Rosenstein said he wasn’t leaving until he was positive Mueller’s work was in good hands.

Deep State Something Or Other.

The weasel saw his shadow. This means 6 more months of “collusion” investigation.


Obviously wants to be there when Donald orders DOJ to appoint SC to investigate Democratic collusion.

It’s called “conspiracy” my friend.

Glad Rod will be there a bit longer to help drain the swamp.

Only thing is, Barr has been confirmed as the AG, and legally the AG is now over the Mueller investigation and Rosenstein doesn’t really have any say in it.



Wake us when they decide it’s important to not have a “russian puppet” as POTUS.

Yeah. I agree. I read this as him staying on until his replacement is confirmed and there can be a transition. It is not like the Mueller investigation is the only thing Rosenstein is working on, or has been working on during his stint as DAG.

We all can’t wait to see Mueller’s “work”… I wonder why Mueller is stalling?

Fat donald needs to stop committing crimes.

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Did he lie to a grand jury or something?

Patience my friend, it’ll all be over in about 18 months.

Rod “The Man” Rosenstayin’


Just more proof that William Barr has no intentions of cleaning house.

If I was AG he would be the first one I would have told pack your bags…and send clear message that CoJ is under new management.

As it is William Barr is using time to sweep this under the rug and hope the 2020 election will help the people to forget.


It’s not like Starr at all where the work product was being leaked on a daily basis. It’s so hard to follow the trajectory of this thing when the OSC is following Justice Department guidelines to the letter.

I’m guessing you’ve never heard of the ‘chain of command’?

Barr and Rosenstein are friends.

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Now that Barr is AG and over the special council – who does the report go to? Who approves any expansion of the investigation? All the approvals and oversight now is Barr’s responsibility and final say.

Okay. But to say that “Rosenstein doesn’t really have any say in it” when he is Mueller’s direct supervisor isn’t accurate. Have things changed?