Breaking! Putin tells Trump to shove his White House invite

Hmmmmm… Looking for more info, but apparently like Kim Jong Un Putin has no interest in visiting Trumps slum digs.

Would you want to meet with Trump at his house? Nah, make him come to you. He’s so desperate for approval that he’ll go to any tin-pot dictator’s home turf in order to get a photo op.

It’s Mueller’s fault.

Putin’s just reminding Donald who the dom is in this relationship.

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Instead of breaking up I wish that we were making up again!

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Breaking up is hard to do. Just ask Neil Sedaka.

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Putin is part of the deep state, obviously, and suffers from TDS!

lol - I changed the order of my post so your came before mine.

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Not finding anything online for this. Link?

Putin got everything he wanted out of Trump at Helsinki. Putin knows a visit now wouldn’t give him any further advantage, and might diminish the gains he made.

Well I guess we know who’s in charge, if there was ever a doubt.

This is about right.

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Ryan growing some type of spine.

i think you mistook his back against a wall for his spine


Putin ain’t coming here. He already got what he wanted- a sitting US president trying to float an invite to stay at the White House while in the midst of sabotaging yet another election. Putin doesn’t actually want to deal with all the negative press and actual screaming Americans though.

I wonder when the tweet blaming Ryan and congress comes.

January 3, 2019

Sorta like the girl who got turned down at the Big Dance. I wonder if Trump will sit by his phone the next few nights hoping for a call.