BREAKING: President Trump Arrives at US-Mexico Border in Southern California

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President Trump touched-down in southern California Friday to tour recently constructed segments of his border wall; highlighting the importance of security throughout the region weeks after declaring the area a “national emergency.”

Just arrived in Calexico, California!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 5, 2019

“Will soon be landing in Calexico, California to look at a portion of the new WALL being built on our Southern Border. Within two years we will have close to 400 miles built or under construction & keeping our Country SAFE – not easy when the Dems are always fighting to stop you!” posted the Commander-in-Chief on social media before arriving in Calexico.

The President’s visit comes days after he gave Mexican authorities 12 months to severely limit the flow of illegal immigrants into their country or face new tariffs on produce and automobiles.


How will Democrat Politicians be able to win elections if they don’t get illegal voting
for them? lol.

That’s why they’re scared of the wall.

Darnit Democrat Politicians! Why couldn’t you have flooded more illegal immigrants
and more refugees into the country by the millions to ensure that Republicans never win>>>?