Breaking: Postmaster General DeJoy says in that he is suspending operational changes until after the 2020 election

The damage is done. He needs to restore removed equipment ASAP.

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Sounds like someone talked to the USPS lawyers


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Absolutely. Bring back the sorting machines and mailboxes.

This is definitely good news. I heard they lost only $5 Billion Dollars last quarter.

This should be welcomed by everyone who loves throwing money away.

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I like it better when they offer tax cuts that get converted into stock buybacks.

Those are really cool.


It looks like people don’t like it when they wait weeks for their meds and packages, eh Mr. Dejoy?

Trump supporters’ caterwauling over supposed “mail in fraud” aside…turns out people in general like the Post Office.

This was never going to be a winning issue…

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I’ve never had a problem with the post office until Trump decided it was an issue a couple of months ago. Now packages are being delayed left and right.

If you can’t run the government correctly, you need to get the ■■■■ out of office.


Great things will be back to normal.

Mail trucks not driving in reverse and the forever stamps can still be used forever.

And the union workers can continue with their distain and cusing out part time non union workers.

Not running the government correctly is the point.

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So libs crying like little kids got rewarded for their behavior.


Factually incorrect.

Once again libs are saving the GOP from themselves. People like getting mail on time. Mess with the old folks getting their pills and there is a good chance that they won’t vote GOP anymore.


Were libs the only ones against the removal of blue collection mailboxes??

I am a big supporter of the USPS.

It is more than a business. It needs to be on a wartime footing for this election. There will be a surge of legitimate mail in and absentee ballots.

They should be charging more for packages. That is a separate issue.

I welcome this news and hope DeJoy leads the USPS through the election with high marks.

If more funding is needed…get it.



Those have been vanishing for decades. Blame email.


I don’t think DeJoy will be around much longer.

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Otherwise known as “winning”.

Or, the president’s hand picked post master general = weak.

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People like getting their mail in a timely fashion.

Even in 2020.

Who woulda thunk it?

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