BREAKING: Pentagon to Deploy 5,000 US TROOPS to US-MEXICO Border

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The United States military plans to send at least 5,000 American soldiers to the US-Mexico border in the coming days; setting the stage for a high-stakes showdown as the ‘migrant caravan’ slowly makes its way north towards California and Texas.

According to the Wall Street Journal, President Trump is preparing to deploy thousands of troops to crackdown on asylum seekers hoping to enter the United States illegally.

“The U.S. military plans to deploy 5,000 troops to the southwest U.S. border in anticipation of a caravan of would-be asylum seekers and migrants currently moving northward in Mexico,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

“The new figure is a major increase from initial estimates of 800 troops and would represent a military force equal to about one-third the number of customs officials currently working at the border,” adds the WSJ.

“This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!” President Trump posted on social media Monday morning,

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