BREAKING NOW: Senate Intel Committee Finds ‘NO DIRECT EVIDENCE’ of Russia-Trump Collusion | Sean Hannity

The Senate Intelligence Committee has found “no direct evidence” of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian officials to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, according to a stunning new report from NBC News.

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But what about the obvious HRC and Democrat/Russian collusion?

NOW that they have wasted the public funds,it time for them to look into their own, but will they I don’t think so.B&HC/DNC would collapse THE DEM PARTY FROM PROOF THAT THEY COMMITTED TREASON.

This story got buried two or three pages down in Google News.
I remember when the lead story every day for over a year, was about Trump collusion with Russia. Now, the House and Senate committees have both said NO WAY.
Like POTUS said…witch hunt. Sad, very sad.
Now, let’s see a preliminary report from Mueller, before we agree to fund his efforts further. That would seem prudent.
Finish the Wall!!!

The entire concept of Russian collusion with Trump or his campaign makes no sense. Whatever the Russians did in the 2016 election, I think their main goal was just to seed discord in our electoral process. That said, I remain convinced that if the Russians wanted anyone to win, they wanted Hillary, no matter the personal discord between Putin and Hillary. Given her general corruption and incompetence – start the discussion with that silly ‘reset’ button and the Uranium One deal – Putin knew she could be rolled. Trump, not so sure. Moreover, it is clear that all the Russian overtures to “provide dirt on Hillary” were not to help Trump at all . . . their strategy was to get Trump out of the way in favor of Hillary. That’s also why all the meetings to “provide dirt on Hillary” didn’t have any dirt at all.

The Trump Tower meeting was a setup. The Russkies have direct ties to FUSION GPS. The female met with Simpson the day before the meeting. And the day after the meeting. The other Russian has direct ties to Clinton Foundation. Where is the investigation of Clinton ties to Russia? Oh wait there was 1 on Uranium 1. They even had an informant. Mueller was Director of FBI at the time.

What part of “no evidence” don’t the Dems get?- they are going to keep digging this hole, and then they are going to fall in it- if they think at all that Donald Trump is going to not fight, and take them down, they are very sadly mistaken- wrong person