BREAKING NOW: New SAT Exams to Include ‘Adversity Score’ for ‘Social Background’ of Every Student

Originally published at: BREAKING NOW: New SAT Exams to Include ‘Adversity Score’ for ‘Social Background’ of Every Student | Sean Hannity

The United States College Board announced new guidelines for its SAT exam this week; confirming the nationwide test for high school students will now include an “adversity score” to account for children’s “social background.”

“The College Board, which oversees the SAT exam used by most U.S. colleges during the admissions process, plans to introduce an ‘adversity score’ which takes into consideration the social and economic background of every student,” reports Fox News.

“The new adversity score is being calculated using 15 factors, including the crime rate and poverty level from the student’s high school and neighborhood,” adds the article. “Students won’t be privy to their scores but colleges and universities will see them when reviewing applications.”

The College Board will introduce the new guidelines to 150 colleges and universities by this fall and nearly all schools by 2021.

SAT exam will give students "adversity score" reflecting family income, environment and educational differences

— CBS News (@CBSNews) May 16, 2019

“There are a number of amazing students who may have scored less (on the SAT) but have accomplished more,” David Coleman, chief executive of the College Board, said. “We can’t sit on our hands and ignore the disparities of wealth reflected in the SAT.”

“This (adversity score) is literally affecting every application we look at,” Jeremiah Quinlan, dean of undergraduate admissions at Yale, told WSJ. “It has been a part of the success story to help diversity our freshman class.”

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