Breaking: Nikki Haley steps down as UN ambassador

That is my guess.

Look how miserable Trump looks. Its like he found out his box of Cracker Jacks had no prize.


It would make sense.

yeah, cuz Kanye’s such a ■■■■■■■ genius at all those things. It’s like Pete Davidson said on SNL this past weekend. Kanye is off his meds…“Kanye…start taking your meds again”

Cracker Jacks still have prizes worth digging for?

How hilarious. An uber-rich, out of touch loony toon is going to talk to another uber-rich out of touch loony toon about prisons and gang violence and violence reduction in Chicago?

I bet they spend the time laughing at poor people. And they talk about how great it is to be reality stars.

My guess - She’s stepping aside so she can take the SC senate seat when Lindsey Graham becomes AG.

Trump probably saw it on the label of the box and got excited. I’m sure his tiny hands could reach all the way to the bottom of the box, too.

Getting out before the midterms makes sense. If she was on the fence at any point, now is the time to get out. She can do pretty much anything she wants at this point.

That would be amazing. Ye would be perfect for the job.

If Lindsey actually becomes AG, the shark will have officially been jumped.

I just don’t see her trying to primary fat donald in 2020.

Maybe Mueller is leaking to someone.

She got out in front of that one.

I’m just not seeing that. If she campaigns for Trump…then she is not the person I thought she was.

She willingly worked for the Trump administration. I’m not quite sure what kind of person you thought she was.


Haley is looking like she just had the weight of the world taken off her shoulders.

Trump looks like someone kicked his puppy.

I think this announcement caught him off guard too.

Maybe she said to him “It’s not you… it’s me”

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This whole debacle has been a series of people demonstrating they either aren’t who they claimed to be or who we thought they were.

It to cover his gut. Just look at picture can barely tell he is 50+ overweight.

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