Breaking News: Under US law there is no President-Elect until at least December 14

Under the Constitution, the President is elected by electors selected by each state legislature, and the electors vote on December 14. If a ticket gets a majority of the votes, then there will be a President-Elect. Otherwise the House of Representatives votes to decide the President and the Senate selects the Vice President. Until then there is a “media favorite” or a “presumed President-Elect”.

For years without a contested election results, the distinction is a fine point that makes no real difference. On the other hand, this year still has multiple contested state results, and several states with very close races are still have a substantial number of votes to count. As in 2000 and 2016, challenges and recounts are likely to occur until at least December 8, which is the “safe harbor” day to resolve disputes.

Lol. Whatever you need to cope.


Biden will end up with 306 electoral votes.

What are the contested races?

And what grounds are they being contested?


There is an important distinction between “contested” elections, and tantrums.

You mention 2000 and 2016 - how did those “contested” elections work out in the end?


2000 and 2016 show that Democrats are capable of seeing the distinction.

Ballots need to be counted in several very close races. Are you saying those votes don’t count?

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Sure! Count away!

2016 was a tantrum. 2000 was more complicated, but still ended up working out just as it was called immediately after the election.

Of course they count - and they will be counted. But they won’t change the results.

Recounts have only ever changed at most a hundred or so votes.

In no state will a recount change the results as they currently stand…not even in Georgia.

And as soon as Trump finds out how much recounts cost (the Clinton/Stein Wisconsin recount cost $3.5 million) and he hears from Pence that contributions aren’t flowing in, despite the threatening letters they sent out to their constituents, he’ll probably drop any recounts.

This doesn’t seem to be breaking news.


I’m pretty sure it was Trump who asked jurisdictions to stop counting

I’ve seen this before. Ron Paul.

Dude, it’s over. Get outside, get some sunshine, go do a workout in your basement, whatever.

This isn’t 2000, where 500 votes determined the election. The margin is too wide to overturn via recounts or anything else.

Put up a salute to President Biden and move on.


The Minnesota senate election of 2008 was decided by a recount. That vote was the deciding vote to pass Obama Care.

2008 you mean…and the initial difference was 215 votes.

There will be no difference that small in the Presidential race.


Republicans have demanded that counting occur with their observers present. They had to go to court in Philadelphia to get that to happen.

They had observers present…the judge called them out for trying to lie about it and let them move a few feet closer.

Why do you post things like this when you know everyone here knows the true story?

Are you honestly that behind the times?


I think you mean 2008, not 2016.

215 vote margin.

Beat me to it.

math. republican are not that good at it.