Breaking NEWS. Two of the cops should not be charged!

They were trainees. On the job for less than a week. Their trainer killed George Floyd. Give these guys a break. They had neither the experience, authority or the wisdom to stop their trainer. Do not ruin their lives for political purposes. Have mercy.


Oops. That’s not going to flyover to well with radical libs and Antifa thugs.


Trainees with a ■■■■ excuse of a “leader”?

Make them hurt, but make him hurt more.

Forget the uniform

If I witnessed a murder and I was standing by while it happened, would I be in trouble?

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what about the cop who said they needed to turn him over? he obviously wasn’t down with the killing


no, you would not.


It won’t. Don’t expect them to extend the hand of mercy. The mob will still call for their heads. Sad stuff.

So far today, I’ve read:

-Justifications for the “racial epithets” slurred by one of the men charged in Arbury’s death. It was just the stress that caused him to say it, he wasn’t really racist. Oh, and it was Arbury’s fault he died. He should have stopped and really thought about what he was doing, and maybe just given himself up to the racists chasing him.

-That 2 cops that directly assisted in the murder of a man in the street, and 1 who stood and watched and ■■■■■■■■■■■ bystanders, some of which were medical professionals, while they begged for him to do something to help, should be treated with kid gloves because they were new to the job. Not their fault that they hadn’t yet learned that their job is to PROTECT and serve.

Are we going for the trifecta? Someone want to say something ridiculous about Breona Taylor’s murder as well?


Does the fact that they were trainees watching their trainer change anything?

Would it matter if they weren’t wearing a uniform?

Maybe. But wearing a uniform means that they must follow the orders of their trainer. Should they have showed a little more courage? Probably. But at the same time, they were placed in a horribly unfair situation. Really, really tough.

That’s no excuse.

Human decency should have kicked in. They should have made him stop.


If he was holding the guy down, and someone else killed the guy?..Of course he would.

That defense didn’t work so well in Nuremberg did it?

(Or Nuernberg, depending on how you want to spell it)


Just throwing this out here

They were sitting watching a man be executed.

Common human decency would have been to grab Chauvin and pull him off of him.

From your link…

“On Monday, though, a federal judge ruled that the government agencies " had no constitutional duty to protect students who were not in custody.”

Floyd was in custody wasn’t he?

Good point. Still not sure though that the other officers had any legal duty to intervene, any more than the people filming it did.

They shouldn’t be charged as principals of the murder. They should be charged as accessories.

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To me it’s no different than a bar fight. Your buddy is rightfully beating someone’s ass. But it gets to a point where he has them on the ground and he’s not stopping. As his comrade, you have an obligation to make him stop otherwise he may kill the guy.

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