Breaking news. Newly declassified Russia gate info to be released shortly

I’m not making predictions. Lets see what it holds. But if you want info, you will probably have to abandon your liberal, DNC news sources.

Could we get a link or something?

No or something. I didn’t get it from the interweb.

I heard it on FNC. Since your news sources probably won’t touch it, I did this as a public service to you and your friends… If you are looking for excellent coverage, I would suggest watching Sean tonight. I would be shocked if he didn’t do a deep dive into this.

Okay well we have no idea what the ■■■■ you’re talking about and you won’t tell us.

unnamed source.

You don’t know what “Russiagate” refers to?

That’s cuz I have no additional info. So there’s that. Again, Sean is an excellent source. Even better than me. I would suggest tuning in.

Feels more like you didn’t even look considering there’s a Fox link right up there.

Are you of all people busting my chops for asking for a source?

Do you seriously not know what “Russiagate” refers to?

Then do this.

Sean is an excellent source. Even better than me. I would suggest tuning in.


Declass 2021!!!

While the source is unamed, Fox vouched for them in the article, in that they know he is in a position to know. So that’s a fairly safe bet.

Oh well if Fox vouched for unnamed sources then now they are ok :rofl:


When have I said they weren’t?

Maybe you don’t question unnamed sources but other cons here have.

So now unnamed sources are cool as long as the network using them VOUCH for them?

Good to know. :sunglasses:

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Oh I question unamed sources, not taking this as gospel, however, this one will be proved or disproved quickly. If there were no way to otherwise prove what he said, I wouldn’t take his word for it.

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Stop baiting.

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May I suggest that you watch Sean tonight since your news sources probably won’t touch the story?