Breaking news. Cleveland Indians to change their name

And yes. This is 100 percent political so it does belong in this category. But I do have a question for you woke liberal folks. Who asked for the name change? Was it the native tribes or Rich white folks looking for something else to feel guilty for?

Privately owned organization. They can do what they want.

For your other questions, I’m sure there’s readily available reporting on those topics since the discussion around changing the name has been going on for years.




They better name themselves the Cleveland Drew Careys.


Probably nobody.

Who knows.

Now it’s time for authoritarian cons to tell this private company that they shouldn’t change their name.


I agree that that’s the right name for libs. :sunglasses:

Buzz Beers.

It’s 2020. Companies and organizations are more aware of words or imageries that can be offensive. No one force them to change. But maybe they feel it’s time to make the change. I agree with their decisions.

the cleveland rocks…

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BIPOC canceled.

Cleveland Baseball Team!

the Cleveland Double Plus Good

This freak show has been going on for decades. The attempt to remove anything Native American related. It has never been just about the Redskins or Chief Wahoo. They were just easy targets. That is if you can call crying like a little girl about a cartoon an easy target.

Schools here in NJ have been changing their Native American themed names for a long time now. But they go largely unnoticed.

Cleveland Wild Things


The Caldwell chiefs haven’t changed their name.



Cleveland Sockalexis

Beaver Clevelands

Cleveland Wokes

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I think Social Justice Warriors need to be canceled for “Warriors”. For one, they aren’t “warriors”, so it is culture appropriation. For two, in the US…

I suggest Social Justice ■■■■■■■

Or Social Justice Sky Screamers

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good, great opportunity to stimulate the economy