BREAKING: Michigan vote-tabulating software "glitch" found moving votes to Biden

A manual recount in Antrim county in northern Michigan found that the state-wide vote tabulating software shifted 6000 votes to Biden. The software had showed Biden winning the county by large margin even though it had gone strongly to Trump in 2016. A state-wide manual recount appears to be necessary.

Meanwhile former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich comments that corruption of the voting system by Democrats is a “time-honored tradition”.

It looks like the reported Michigan results mean nothing until there is a manual recount.

Is the “glitch” just a random error?

Or is just another example of Democrat corruption of the voting system?


Probably dem corruption or something


The Blago thing is umm interesting. Wonder if he wants to testify in front of congress on the subject?

Thankfully, when this election is finally over, vote counting will be under a lot more observation and scrutiny going forward.


I knew my people wouldn’t let me down. Let’s recount.


The libs will still fight voter ID and any other safeguard.

Just watch.

It will all be racist particularly once Biden is retired shortly into his administration.


Why do none of these glitches ever favor republicans?


Their cries of racism died when 25% or more of all minorities voted Trump.


I hope you are right. I’ve seen how fickle people are so I trust nothing.

Oh, they’ll still shriek about racism, all the while losing minority votes.


peaceful glitches are next

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Did you even read the DFP article?

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Funny how this story is only on far right websites…


Like cnn would touch this. What would they say? “We hate trump but he may be right” that wouldn’t go over well with their liberal viewers.

If the story was credible, they would have no choice.

Blagojevich would know…he’s been in on it for decades.

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Good question…never gotten and answer from honest democrat.


I noted that the morning on Wednesday as it was odd. The ballots are being pulled and counted. Thank God we have a paper system.

All the Democrats in Petosky, MI? That place is run by Republicans, and, as far as I remember, the system we have was last upgraded by Candice Miller. Probably one of the most competent secretary of state we have ever had.

There have been in the past. Democrat claims of vote switching to republicans, etc. I pay them no mind, just like I pay the Republican claims no mind.

What was that, libbies? There’s no corruption? Hm… :thinking:

Now show me on the doll where Trump hurt you. Show me how you can accuse Trump of colluding with Russia in the 2016 election, but say “nothing to see here” when this happens.

Of course, you’re just going to deny it and call me a conspiracy nut.