Breaking: Michael Cohen being sentenced today

Fat donald’s personal attorney will be going to prison today and including the POTUS in his sentencing speech.

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This blind loyalty to fat donald sounds familiar.


Mueller knows all of them.


Whoa that is a serious dagger.

But no he is a liar who is pinning this all on Donald to get a reduced prison time…um wait…

Rage tweets from Dumpster Donnie incoming shortly


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And yet, Trump is still there, and no one has any collusion besides Hillary’s . LMAO, but any day now…

When will he got to trial with the indicted Russians?


Hillary lost bro, get over it.

Yes,but she did it… Colluded, and fully intended to steal state department e-mails…

This thread has nothing to do with Hillary, go create one of your own if you want to discuss her.

What no life sentence? So out on appeal in a year…That’s a lot like 14 days for the other Pomp…Judge sends message…

LMAO! X 2 and Trump is Cool…

Trump could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his supporters would say the victim was a member of the deep state who was just trying to make Dumpster Donnie look bad by getting shot

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Hillary an Obama killed thousands in Libya and else where and dems loved it… The she laughed about it like a psychopath…

Good assessment.

In any of these threads it’s important to show the double standard of our justice system. She can commit crimes and others can’t…

So inform the Trump DOJ so they can investigate. Meanwhile, that doesn’t diminish the crimes for which Cohen is being sentenced

and you all thought he was going to get 100 years? What happened…?

sounds like the judge diminished them with his sentence…