BREAKING: McConnell to Call for Full Vote on 'Criminal Justice Reform' This Month

Originally published at: BREAKING: McConnell to Call for Full Vote on ‘Criminal Justice Reform’ This Month | Sean Hannity

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed Tuesday that he will call for a full vote on a highly-anticipated criminal reform justice bill as early as next week; saying he plans to introduce the legislation “at the request of the president.”

“At the request of the president and following improvements to the legislation that has been secured by several members, the Senate will take up the revised Criminal Justice Bill this month,” said McConnell.

The legislation enjoys bipartisan support from both Republicans and Democrats and the full endorsement of President Trump, who met with activists and local leaders in recent months surrounding criminal justice and prison reforms.

The new bill seeks to lower the number of Americans in prison, particularly those with non-violent crimes and first-time offenses.

“We have the votes, we’re very confident,” said a spokesperson for Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley.

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