Breaking: Manafort reaches 'tentative' plea deal with Mueller


After nearly half a Presidential term of nothing…The dream and desire remain palpable.




People need to keep in mind here that in order for Prosecutors to accept the cooperation agreement, Manafort had to already disclose everything that Mueller’s team was wanting to know from him. And he has to agree to continuing cooperating throughout the remaining process of future Grand Jury testimony and potential indictments.

So Mueller right now know everything Manafort has to give. All of it. The whole shooting match. And Mueller’s team clearly believed the information was all valuable enough to pursue this agreement. That does not bode well for the people in Mueller’s crosshairs.

I’d suspect Don Jr. and Kushner are very, very worried right now. Seeing as how Mueller has not interviewed them, it means they are likely targets of his probe. Things are going to get crazy from here.


This will age well


“Nothing” means nothing that you know about, a state brought about by a combination of your head in sand position and Mueller’s no-leaks operation.

Speaking of things that are palpable, have you noticed Trump’s hysterical fear of the Mueller investigation, the public antics of his clown Guilliani, all the rest? The Trump ■■■■ show sure doesn’t act like it’s sure there’s “nothing.”


LMAO!.. Bubble babble…


All aboard the slow moving train crash…woo…woohoo

Too soon?


The problem is all the media hype, rumor, and salacious speculation.

Even when people clandestinely make audio recordings of President Trump they come up empty handed.

Trump has foiled his critics at every junction and the Mueller shadow investigation just creeps along without so much as a plausible story line…More rumor and innuendo…



Roger Stone as well.


Especially if Jr. or Kushner lied to Congress… it will be… lets say interesting.


Ask yourself: why is the Mueller investigation in the news every day, all day? Is it because of Trump constantly tweeting and squawking about it, Trump sending his clown Guilliani on to Hannity and Fox & Friends? Or is it Mueller?

If Trump were confident there were “nothing,” why wouldn’t he desist bringing attention to it by trying to discredit Mueller’s investigation?




No way. This all could not happen to more deserving people. And the American public deserves to see first hand the consequences of their decisions.


Indeed. And there is no way that either of them did NOT lie to Congress.


It is constant anti-Trump PR.

That is what it was supposed to do.

THAT is the “insurance” policy.

It is all wild speculation intended to keep the administration on the defensive.


Whoops. :rofl:




Choo choo analogy ;-p


Make the smelly Walmart deplorable voter suffer?


Dude… Trump’s campaign manager just copped a plea and agreed to cooperate to an extensive agreement.

Take Trump’s name off of this issue and replace it with any other candidate whose party begins with a (D) and then look at it objectively.

And no… if this was Hillary… I wouldn’t be doing backflips for her. I would let her hang out to dry.