Breaking: Manafort reaches 'tentative' plea deal with Mueller


What’s the joke? You said “I bet he gets 15 days”


:popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:


Open ur wiki, edit, close your wiki.


Top of the hour:

CNN - Manafort
MSNBC - Manafort
Fox - Hurricane.

Not even running a crawl about a Manafort.

If they don’t report it - it didn’t happen, no?


So you do care some? Because in order for something to become less that means you have some of it now that the amount of it later would be less than amount you have now.


17 page cooperation agreement…is that normal?


So, if you think there is corruption left over from the Obama white house you wear a tin hat…

Yes, I think the Mueller investigation is purely political. And he’s corrupt just for taking the job.

His team is a bunch of dem hacks, who have prosecuted innocent people and ruined their lives and don’t care.

But, we’ve been told over and over, Trump is not under investigation



cooking dinner three nights a week.


Me personal I don’t open my wiki unless you take me out to a steak dinner first.


They have to figure out a way to soft sell it to the toadies.


Cabt come out at trial so the indictments will tell all. Fun stuff we got here


“Oh coffee boy, we hardly knew ye”


So, Mueller finally has a Trump Tower attendee cooperating. Not to mention he was Trump’s campaign manager for 6 months. Of course this has nothing to do do with Trump…:laughing:


yes. law & order people will be pleased.


He has already gotten ten years from the other trial.


Low level staffer…


He was barely with the campaign…

He sat in a few meetings…


The tears of Trump stunt butts will be sweet.


Yep…No report, nor Hurricane.