Breaking: Manafort reaches 'tentative' plea deal with Mueller


For decades we’ve heard the Law & Order folks scream about how there is a culture of not ratting out your fellow criminals on the street.

Now watch them do the exact same thing.


I’ll bet you your password to this forum you’re wrong.


And he plead guilty to all do the hung jury charges…


He’s not gonna bet.


Cooperation agreement. Sarah says this has nothing to do with Trump. Then what is the cooperation agreement for?


Checks the front page of for the Manafort story …

Scrolls …

Scrolls …

Scrolls …

Oh, there it is.


What’dya know. Yeah, it ranks just below the 3-D Roy Orbison hologram story on their page, which is, of course, MUCH more important. (Much as I love Orbison.)


Donny’s tweets this weekend are going to be epic.


Um, you don’t actually believe anything she says, do you?


Odd… What would you do with it?


Nah- just impressive to see the verbal pretzel gymnastics of the Huckster…


I can’t believe the left is still all excited about this stuff… Bubble babble…


Take over your account for a month. You said you bet so let’s bet. Unless ur chicken



10 char


It was humor… Just like you guys never got Trumps jokes…

I could care less about taking over some else’s account… Makes no sense to me…


Aren’t you happy? A criminal is off the street, his I’ll gotten gains taken away and the forfeiture makes the entire investigation expenses paid for. That souds like a good deal to taxpayers



One of these days I have to figure out how to edit…


Um sure there is, even if Trump is innocent then Manafort can cooperate in investigation. That is unless you are one idiots in the world that think whole US government is out to get the people who run the whole executive branch, you are not one of those tin-foil hate people are you?


The left’s fixation on this character is just strange… They pretend they want anarchy, but they really want tyranny that they think will bring them cradle to grave safety…