Breaking: Judge voids Paul Manafort plea deal

Womp, womp!
Looks like he might be spending the rest of his life in jail and I wonder if fat donald will pardon his treasonous ass before he leaves office.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson said that Manafort “intentionally made multiple false statements to the FBI, the (office of special counsel) and the grand jury concerning matters that were material to the investigation.”

It’s come up with the ‘‘real’’ ■■■■ or else.

Emphasis: Trump Campaign Chairman

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He lied because trump cheated …

Paul Manafot’s Very Bad Day.

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Senate Intel committee say no collusion… Bipartisan result.

So long, Paulie! Spending life in prison to own the libz. Sad!

Now let’s send Fat Donald to prison to be your cellmate.

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I think he lied because he thinks a pardon is coming and now, if he doesn’t get one, he’s completely and utterly ■■■■■■■

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Stay on topic

I think he lied because he was told to because he has been in contact with the administration and they wanted him to cover it up…

Do you think treasonous Paulie will spend the rest of his life in jail for lying?

Isn’t the topic Russian collusion?

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Paulie bet it all on the pardon. Of course theres always state charges that would keep him in prison for the rest of his life.

Good luck Paulie!

What would be the quid pro quo for Manafort if that was the case?

This post is factually incorrect.

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No- but if you want to go there- yeah he lied up and down about his contacts with Russian operatives. You know- collusion.

Yes… Mueller will use him to pretend he did something. The glee over his unrelated process crimes is weird…

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Tax and bank fraud are process crimes?

So, you admit Manaforts prosecution has nothing to do with Trump… Just as the senate reported.

No, it’s not… I posted the NBC article earlier…