Breaking: Jon Kyl to replace John McCain

Don’t know much about this guy.

He used to have Jeff Flake’s seat.

It is a good choice by Governor Ducey.

The dude sheparding kavenaugh will now “Decide” whether or not to vote for him …of course

You had hopes that the Republlican Governor would pick someone who was anti Kavenaugh?

Nice… It’s like we picked up a seat.

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Of course not, an unbiased republican however maybe

Fine. But Senatorial requirements, unlike a judge hearing a case, do not include impartiality.

Lol, why should a Republican be unbiased in regard to a Republican Presidents nominee?

Never said it did either

Because the Senate confirming a Scotia judge shouldn’t be just a rubber stamps for the white house? Though that would be plainly obvious from a constitutional standpoint

:rofl: why should he do that?

Very safe pick… If he would have picked a Trump Republican he would have gotten blow back

That’s amazing.

To put country over party of course but that is a silly thought.

I know right?

What dems voted against a dem nominee?

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None. Just as no Ds vote against anything a D President wants. It’s only Rs who are supposed to vote against their own party.


You don’t have to be unbiased for it not to be a rubber stamp, which implies support of a candidate for no other reason other than who nominated him. Perfectly possible to believe he is well qualified on the merits going into the hearing, which of course does not in any way preclude changing your mind should something disqualifying come to light. You seem to be confusing doesn’t yet have an opinion with unbiased.

nelson voted against Kagan,