Breaking: House Ways and Means committee requesting the IRS copies of trump’s tax returns

For the past 6 years. Waiting for fat donald’s response, it should be entertaining.

FYI, the tax return request also includes a demand for returns from the entities below and whether Trump’s personal taxes or any of these were ever under audit.


Trump: I will not be releasing my taxes as requested by Congress.

Committee Chair: We didn’t ask you


I know, right. Trump thinks they’re asking for his copies. :rofl:

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Why can’t it be October again… :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Totally cool and legal.

Completely inappropriate. You didn’t see Republicans do this to Obama.


He again used the excuse that his returns were still under audit. He was also surprised that they had only asked for six years and not ten. He really did sound like he thought the request was being directed to him.

What part of “we’re not asking you” didn’t fat donald get? :rofl:


When someone explains to him they’re asking the IRS for the returns and not him, he’s going to be really pissed.


I think the phrase you’re looking for is NOT TECHNICALLY ILLEGAL


Lol@ “would not be inclined”.

What a dope.

The noose tightens.

Why would we?

Obama made his tax returns public.



You should be ready for this to be the new standard for every president going forward who chooses not to release their tax returns.


What does Donald Trump have to hide? Who forced him to run for public office?

Like I said, the phrase you’re looking for is NOT TECHNICALLY ILLEGAL.

Hopefully that should weed out a few shady characters from even thinking of running.

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On a related note.

If this happened to Obama it would be a major scandal.

It’s just another Wednesday in 2019.

Obama released his tax returns. Lol

Your argument doesn’t make any sense.