Breaking: George H.W. Bush has passed away

You were a great hero and a man with incredible integrity. It was an honor that you were my president. May you rest in peace.


RIP, George.

A life of honor well lived.
I want to believe John and William have been watching for him at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace, George.

No politics…he was a hell of a man. Skydiving on his 90th birthday. He was awesome.


RIP George.

A good and great man.

How long did he last after Barbara? Seemed quite a bit…

He lived a long full life…props to that…

She died last April.

Not as long as I thought…always seem to pass close to each other

One more point of light up in the sky.

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Cool fact I didn’t know… He and Barbara had the longest marriage in presidential history. RIP

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Just 4 formers alive now.

Was this the only group of 5 formers alive since obama left office??

Yes, he was a good man. RIP, Mr. President.

He rejoins the one he loves

Looked it up. Thee were 5 formers alive a few other times in history.

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A noble Republican president who will be remembered for his integrity. Condolences to his family.

George H W Bush was a very good man, devoted to his family and his beloved wife Barbara. I think it was only about a week or so ago I heard that Obama had visited Bush at his home, and the two men had a good visit together.

Bush and Clinton were friends as well. He was a great example of someone who could be on good terms with anyone, regardless of political differences.

I used to love SNL back in the 80s and early 90s when they had great guys like Dana Carvey doing their hilarious impersonations. Both George and Barbara Bush were big fans of Carvey too. In fact they liked him so much he was invited to the WH. This video is of Carvey visiting at Christmas time, just weeks before the Bushes left the WH.

Carvey has spoken about his admiration for the Bushes, and how they stayed on friendly terms long after they had departed the WH.


Yes, including their little girl Robin, who died just before her 4th birthday of cancer.

He was a kind man who placed country over politics.
A good family man. A man who enjoyed life. And was a good representative of our nation. He will be missed.