Breaking: Facebook, Twitter penalize Trump for posts containing coronavirus misinformation

Should’ve done this a long time ago.

Today, Twitter said it will require Trump to remove a post containing coronavirus misinformation, banning him from tweeting until he does so.

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Good. Maybe he’ll stay off of Twitter now and keep himself out of self-inflicted trouble.

I am quite curious how the President responds. Will he ‘ban’ Twitter? Will he change the subject? Admit error?


Me too.

Good question. I think he will whine as usual and try to sue Twitter.

I wonder on what grounds he could sue a private platform, since he seems to be clearly in violation of its terms of service.

The point would be to sue, not to win.

Is there a court which would grant that he has standing?

Or, just a bit of trumpian theater?

He could drag it out for months before it’d get to a stage where it could be dismissed.

Most likely, its theater. But dumber things have happened.

The president should use parler.

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For Facebook, this is a big deal. They have never done this before because the trump campaign has been a big cash cow.

The end of the rails is fast approaching for the Trump train, Facebook & Twitter see that it’s time to get off.

He ain’t gonna sue anybody. They would have a right to depose him and no way he would have the guts.

Meanwhile Biden has spent record 1.6 million on ads on facebook spouting off his own lies and deception.

Who cares. They pretty much represent the DNC anyway. Everybody knows it. Trump is rising in the polls and they are starting to panic a little. Who was the last prominent democrat they silenced?

He just tweeted something congratulating Sean Hannity 4 minutes ago

I think it’s hilarous. It’s probably just a 12 hr. ban. I’ve had that.

This gives Twitter too much control over what campaigns are allowed to say (on Twitter, anyway). They become the arbiters of truth, which should not be happening.
Naturally, the government should determine that these tech giants are not becoming illegal monopolies.
Other than that, the immediate available option is to get off of Twitter. How many people go to Twitter for their information on politics or health care? If its a lot, then the country is in trouble.
Enh…the country is probably in trouble.
Save Twitter for teens interested in what celebrities are saying and doing.
(I would say teen girls, but that would be gender discrimination).

What does Twitter have a monopoly in? They aren’t the only messaging service and as far as I know they don’t engage in any illegal business tactics to cause competitors to fail. As a private company Twitter has ever right to control what they put on their website. If Trump doesn’t like it he’s more than able to join another site or even better, just have a blog on the white house website. He’s the PUSA so people will follow him regardless of which platform he chooses to throw shade from.


I believe there have recently been hearings on whether some of the practices of these technologies are monopolistic or not. My opinion isn’t going to force them to change, so I will wait for conclusions. I don’t intend to review the monopoly laws at this point. I believe at one point Microsoft had to open up its operating system so that it couldn’t force all completing apps from using its operating system. I believe there were also issues dealing with the way they were destroying Netscape, which they successfully did destroy. There are a lot of things they will be looking at.