Breaking: Every single state was targeted by Russia, says SENATE intel committee

The Senate Intelligence Committee concluded Thursday that election systems in all 50 states were targeted by Russia in 2016.

And yet, Repub Maj. Leader Mitch McConnell shoots down every bill that could address this. Why? Because Russian interference helps Republicans. What other answer could there be?


It concluded that while there is no evidence that any votes were changed in actual voting machines, “Russian cyberactors were in a position to delete or change voter data” in the Illinois voter database.

So we can not trust digital voting machines, and need a paper trail now. Kremlin MItch???

I think it’s more accurate that credible stories of Russian interference hurt Republican campaigns.

I don’t know if Russian interference was effective enough to sway a presidential election, but the Republicans want to deny that it ever happened. If it never happened then they don’t have to admit that Trump, the Republican Party, and the CEC may have unintentionally aided Russian attempts to interfere.

The report goes into a little detail as to how voter rolls can be changed to cause enough chaos that the faith in the elections being fair is no longer believed to be true by the public in general.

That is Russia’s real goal.


What is our President going to do to protect our elections?

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There’s already a thread started on this:

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Stop it.

But heaven forbid Republicans take even one step to do something about it. That would be partisan.

They were just trying it out in 2016. Kremlin Mitch? Your move.

His plan so far has been to deny that it happened. Luckily the deep-state is working the problem anyway.

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Hopefully more than the last one did.

I guess Mitch McConnell picked the wrong day to block a House-passed election security bill, implying that a bill designed to make it harder to hack rolls or votes and require a candidate or his team to report to the FBI whenever a foreign government approaches them with an offer to assist them a “partisan bill designed to help Democrats”.

Is that what you really meant to imply, Mitch?

If I recall correctly, Obama imposed sanctions and kicked out Russian diplomats.

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Who were the Russians trying to help? Democrats need to be defeated by any measure necessary. When your enemy is dirty it doesn’t pay to play nice. Win or lose. How you got there doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

He ignored it for the most part. He thought Hillary a lock.

And didn’t the incoming National Security Advisor who was secretly working for at two entities other than the United States Government give Russia a call and ask them to not retaliate… that the incoming administration would take care it?

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BTW… here is the volume 1 of what will be a five volume report.

67 pages… heavily redacted.

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Mitch McConnell seems to think LESS vulnerable election systems favor Democrats, so…

In Mother Russia, news fake YOU.

Why should Mitch McConnell do ANYTHING that he thinks would help Democrats win power?