Breaking: Did trump offer Cohen a pardon?

The Washington Post believes the pardon angle is what prompted the House Intel Committee to decide to bring Cohen back.

Cohen said during his publict testimony this past week that the last time he heard from fat donald was roughly two months after the FBI raided his office. When Cohen was asked for details, he said he couldn’t talk about it, because it was part of an ongoing SDNY criminal investigation.

If this is the case, fat donald is in a world of hurt and another obstruction of justice will be in the works.

If true then yeah…trump walked into that one

Please let there be a recording.

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But … wouldn’t that make offering pardons to Manafort, Page, etc. also on the level of obstruction?

Yeah…Cohen didn’t show any disdain on the witness stand for the man who would supposedly pardon him?

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A federal pardon for state crimes would be useless to Cohen. You understand that, right?

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But does Trump understand that?

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Clearly not. Not do some of his supporters.


I understand what you were trying to say but I think the language was a little lax.

There are no federal pardon’s for state crimes, as such pardoning federal crimes would be useless in relation to state crimes.

Sorry to say the same thing but a little more verbosely.

No problem. It still will not be understood by trump cultists.


But Cohen is facing federal crimes? Pretty sure thats the case…

Cohen has to prove a pardon offer was extended if he can do that then yes Trump stepped in it

It certainly would not be a surprise if Donald dangled a pardon. But we will have to wait and see.

TBS, whatever he testified to during the closed door session was enough for the Intel Committee to want him to come back this week.

I know, right! :rofl: If he was offered a pardon he sure shot that to hell didn’t he?

BREAKING!!! Breaker 19!