BREAKING: Deputy Director Andrew McCabe STEPPING DOWN from FBI | Sean Hannity

Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is reportedly stepping down from his top post at the FBI following months of scandals and controversies regarding his role in the bureau’s investigation into President Trump’s relationship with Russian officials, reports Fox News.

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and another “retires” with a tax dollar paid pension so he can have time to speak at colleges or whatever. Why aren’t these highly paid people retiring with private 401K or other means, instead of our tax dollars? They certainly can afford it more than an average paid American. Government “employees” (certainly can’t use the term public servants) should be paid only for their time of work. Their retirement, especially Congress, should be funded by themselves. Why is government retirement packages funded with tax dollars, competing with private business and taking tax dollars when not working? Congressmen are paid around $200,000 each year, plus many perks and staff, offices, vacations, health insurance, etc. Their pension should not be tax supported nor an added benefit. That is what draws corruption. They can invest part of their 200K in any private retirement like the rest of us.
Since this guys retirement is tax supported, can’t it be withdrawn or otherwise penalized?