Breaking: Congressman John Lewis has passed away

He has done a lot to influence this nation in a positive way. May he RIP

It is well worth watching the memorial service.

Here is W speaking and it was good

You can see it from the beginning too on cspan

Define real racism?

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It was a beautiful and touching service

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And here is Obama segment.

Clinton, Bush, Obama. 3 different president, 3 very different eulogy and all were appropriate and what , I believe, Lewis, would have enjoyed


Clinton, Bush, and Obama really did very well. I miss what it is like having someone speak eloquently, empathetically, compassionately, and intellectually. All three men had their faults (Clinton in particular) but they all three knew how to speak to a grieving nation.


Awww :frowning:

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Lewis didn’t go to W’s inauguration as well, but W spoke at Lewis’ funeral.

W is all class.

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Speaking of Obama’s speaking style, my girlfriend wanted to hear his eulogy of John Lewis and I was like, He’s speaking at a black church in front of a mostly black crowd so you’re about to learn why he takes those long pauses in between his sentences.

And she was baffled until we got about five minutes in and she realized the pauses are to let the audience yell things back like they’re having a one on one conversation with him.

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I’m glad you taught your girlfriend that little tidbit.

I noticed back in 2008 that he had that preacher style, but when he would start to get on a roll his teleprompter guy would speed up the text to break his rhythm and not spook the white people. His victory speech is a prime example.

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The whole preacher-congregation dynamic is an art and worth a listen. And spot on, the long pauses are for the congregation to respond. The congregation feels like it is a one-on-one conversation.

Obama went off at the eulogy though. He was in full “I start off the sentence in a higher register, pause, then drop down and emphasize the second half and crush the last FOUR SYLLABLES” mode.

I still need to watch that.