Breaking: Congressman John Lewis has passed away

American hero. Rest in peace.


Oh no… Rest In Paradise! 2020 keeps getting worse

A true leader and nice person. I hope that they go ahead and name the bridge for him.

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Are you sure about this?

I can find no corroboration, and false death rumors about him have been floating around.

■■■■■■ up year.

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Rest in Peace :peace_symbol:

Oops didn’t realize there was already a thread

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The country is diminished by his passing. Rest in Peace, sir.


John Lewis bridge. Has a great ring to it.

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I met him, a few years ago. A very inspiring man. The world is worse without him.

Rest in Peace.

They are running a 60 minute special about Lewis right now on MSNBC

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Rest in Peace. Praying for his family.

Iconic photo.

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Love him or hate him that man experienced real racism.


In 1964 I was on a train trip with my family around the country. We had to change trains in Birmingham Alabama. I was from the Bay Area and we didn’t have any form of segregation there. For the first time I saw whites only restrooms and drinking fountains. I went out on the street and almost every store had a whites only sign in their front window. I think that if I had not had that experience I would have looked at the protests in the following years much differently.


That smirk. Love it. “Ya I pooped in your toilet, I’m changing the world, and one day, you’ll cry when I’m gone.”


He made the world a better place.

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I will miss the sound of his voice.

The world lost a truly inspirational human being. May his legacy be remembered forever.