BREAKING: Committee ‘Votes YES’ on Kavanaugh, Flake Calls for 'One Week' FBI Probe

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The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process Friday afternoon; ending weeks of speculation after 11th hour revelations and a series of decades-old accusations.

The official tally was along party lines, 11-10.

In a stunning turn of events, multiple Senators -including Sen. Jeff Flake- are calling for a “one week” FBI investigation, “limited in time and scope” to probe Dr. Ford’s allegations against the potential Supreme Court Justice.

The vote comes just hours after Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Ford faced a series of questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee over allegations of sexual assault sometime in the early 1980s.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

Once again the FBI is smack dab into middle of political fight, it’s not going to go over well IMO.

Libs are using the FBI as political weapon again.

In next week their will be more claims popping up…and libs are going to demand investigation into them as well.

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I agree completely. Ford didn’t scream continuously, so in my book she’s lying.

The Supreme Court is long overdue for a kegstand room anyway.

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The White House would have to be stupid to agree to Democrats demand for a FBI probe. They should just force through the nominee and damn the consequences. The lack of 9 Supreme Court Justices has already hurt our nation. This cannot stand for one additional day.

Shouldn’t these threads be included in the “One and only” thread, just for consistency?

Shouldnt this thread be included in the “One and Only” thread. I almost missed it!

You guys are hilarious.

Kavanaugh is credibly accused of sexual assault. This shouldn’t preclude him from sitting on the highest court in the nation. There’s really no reason to investigate, because what he’s accused of doing really isn’t that big of a deal.

There is no relationship between being expert at sexual assault and being an expert judge.

Two totally different things.

Hot dogs and Matchbox cars. Loofahs and tacos. Toe clippings and Maseratis. Unicorn figurines and Elvis paintings.

Let’s just look at his record as a judge and forget about his hobbies.


It is unfortunate we don’t have a recording of Kavanaugh bragging about grabbing women by the ■■■■■. If we had that, he could run for president. But, alas it’s not to be…

I like Supreme Court Justices that weren’t nerds in high school and college. When you’re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything.

the fbi is on it. give it a few days

But the FBI is in the pocket of the Democrats. Who knows what they’ll dream up? And who cares anyway?

A judge could rape nightly and still perform his judicial duties with the class and integrity of a Tom Hanks or Kevin Spacey.

lol spacey good one

Thanks. He was excellent in American Beauty, except for the part where he plays with himself. I found that one detail about his career distasteful.

hes a good actor. too bad hes such a degenerate.

but what should we care. no one in hollywood does. and we cant judge. most actresses we see were “abused” by weinstein, if they became cast.

hard to imagine since so many worship hollywood scum. can gods be this low?

oh sorry can we say “ actress”? dont dare offend…

Agree. No one in Hollywood cares, so why should we? I just checked out Spacey’s newest big-budget blockbuster called “In Hiding.”

It’s supposed to clear 400 million this weekend.