BREAKING: Attorney for Kavanaugh Accuser Says Client Willing to TESTIFY… But Not Monday | Sean Hannity

The attorney for Christine Ford officially responded to Sen. Chuck Grassley’s office Thursday, saying her client is willing to testify before Congress but needs more time to ensure her security and safety.

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When will the Republican leadership get some balls and lead? It is so obvious that this is a stall tactic. Bring the vote to the floor and be done with this B.S. There is no way the Demoncrats would stop anything if the shoe were on the other foot.


It’s Monday or Nothing Ford! Either get your azz in there and testify or STHU and get back to your Puzzy hat parade. I don’t even think a falling down drunk would want you anyway. Any Republicans that vote no on Kavanaugh need to be voted out ASAP!

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NO! Monday is it! Demoncraps’ heads explode very soon, they are desperate trying to resist & obstruct.

Why would death threats be reported to the FBI instead of local police? Was there even a police report filed? That’s what most reasonable people would do. Not head straight to the FBI. Does the FBI even have jurisdiction to investigate these death threats?