BREAKING: Antifa Attacks GOP Headquarters in NYC, Warns ‘Merely the Beginning’ | Sean Hannity

Far-left activists associated with Antifa and other radical hate groups attacked the Republican Party headquarters in New York City late Thursday evening; vandalizing the historic building and warning the incident was “merely the beginning.”

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Ites time to stand up for America. Soros, Hillary, Billy boy, and most politicians are enemies to us . Blaime bushes for open border patrols. Which means no patrol. Our so called leaders need to be jailed. And these scum bags, I have a fist and a whatever it takes for you. Trust me.

Really Democrats …Is this who you are ?
Wait until Republicans , whom so far have been civilized , wait until they really get mad !
What in the world are you doing to this Country ?
It’s your duty to stop this madness , but you don’t , you encourage it .
What is it that you want ? …A new Civil War ???
Americans are supposed to be united , instead , you do everything you can to take this country apart .

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Time to attack the Demoncrat headquarters and Anti headquarters!!

not mobbbb!

It is only a Mob of you have 2 or more Tea Partiers together. According to the Dems and Media everything else is simply a reasonable protest as long as it targets Republicans.

Well said Irene! Ditto!

Thank you for letting us know about this Sean as I have not seen it on the news all day!

Scum sucking thugs need to be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Trying to paint these thugs as part and parcel of the mainstream Democratic Party is Right Wing partisan buggery of the first order.

To the bold. Why?

To the notion of answering mindless criminality with mindless criminality, why are you thinking of such an idiotic way to behave?

I mean, feel free to go do the criminal acts you have suggested, just be aware of how utterly stupid that is.

Enjoy your jail time if you are caught.

Unless you haven’t got the cajones to walk your talk?

Not. It isn’t. Don’t believe the Right Wing partisan talking points that are falsely trying to paint that picture.

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if this were a false flag attack designed to get the easily duped GOP base riled up. The last couple of weeks the GOP have tried their hardest to paint themselves as victims. This is just too coincidental.

Guess you really didn’t check out the OP link?

Here is another one with far more information.

From the OP linked story off the note left by the Antifa:

The Republican Party, joined by their spineless partners-in-crime, The Democrats, institute a policy of domestic and foreign terror felt the world over. Our attack is merely the beginning.

From the NYT link I provided: > The note found at the club warned that “our attack is merely a beginning.”

The note attacked both Democrats and Republicans, but opened by saying the vandals were putting the Republican Party “on notice.” … J. Molinaro, the Republican nominee for governor in New York, called for Democrats to denounce the incident. “We must not revert to violence under any circumstances,” he said.

Democrats did just that. “New York Democrats have zero tolerance for violence in our political system and condemn this latest act of vandalism,” said Geoff Berman, the executive director of the state Democratic Party. “This type of divisiveness is repugnant to everything we believe as New Yorkers.”

I’d love to ask them that if it’s so pervasive then show pictures or some sort of evidence of the camps. They knows it’s a lie and really don’t care. Why isn’t their more cameras on these places and catch these people?

It would be good for these little a**holes to understand thatwe have not even begun with them. They better get it out of their systems very quickly because their world will be crashing down shortly. We will only tolerate so much of their stupidity and hatred.

Antifa and blm created by Soros corps…soros is huge contributor and mentor to Obama and Clinton and the Dem party. There can be NO doubt he is working to crash this country and establish a new govt. Antifa has been allowed to keep pushing and they will continue until stopped. If you wish to see what theyre like and how far they will go please ref the 'brownshirts of 1930s germany. It would be much easier to stop them now before their ranks swell. Dems promised violence and here it is. We will see if our govt stands up for us or allows them to continue. Antifa and BLM will continue to push and the violence will grow unless stopped. Do people really have to die? People in Germany didnt think the nazis would take over, same in Italy, same in other countries. But it will unless the justice dept gets it together.

It’s time to list Antifa as an enemy of the United States and recognize them as an offical terrorist group that must be wiped out.

Just because they say that they are Anti Facist doesn’t mean that they are. Why aren’t they being arrested? They violate laws just by wearing masks so they can’t be identified. When they have a rally (or riot, or mob action) they should be surrounded and arrested, by the military if necessary. And any Mayor that allows them to violate laws should be arrested with them. Letting them do what ever they want to avoid conflict isn’t working. They are getting bolder and bolder because nothing is happening to them. Are people going to wait till they kill somebody before they do something?

Lou C…If you sympathize with the thugs, you are equally culpable.Live with that.
Now, as far as violent response, I disagree. If we react to violence with violence, we become THEM…
The left will lose and continue to lose.
The best way to defeat these leftist fascist thugs is to win elections and set policy.
Policy which to this point has lifted everyone who chooses to participate.
These are far left anarchists who have no jobs. No direction. No morality.
All they know is disrupt and destroy.
Many reports claim these antifa thugs are well funded by those who seek the destruction of the US.
It makes complete sense. As a great majority of those arrested in riots and for other crimes, for the most part from places not where the crimes took place.