Breaking: Anonymous author of Trump ‘resistance’ op-ed to publish a tell-all book

I agree. Come out and say who you are and what Trump has done.


Exactly. Now is the time. No more cowering in the shadows. And if not, screw off.


We’ll be able to tell if its written with a deep southern twang

I feel its either him or Kelly Anne

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Instead of anonymous he should have used “John Miller”

It’s Pence. It’s gotta be Pence. You guys see the way Pence looks at Trump. Not even my wife looks at me that way.


Are you insinuating his homophobia is overcompensating for something?

Maybe the author and the whistleblower are one in the same and fears for his/her life.

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Amazon lists the pub. date as 2017. He died in 2008 after his identity was revealed.

Barr already has the chips!:rofl:

Yeah, investigations but not where you think.

Do you mean Firtash instead of Fiskov

We need more anonymous dissenters as much as we need more thoughts and prayers and statements of “misgivings”.

Did I mention my real name is Random Anonymous Person?


OMG they’re writing a new book. Funniest headline today.

I am torn?

I think a whistle blower is right to wish to stay anonymous, a book author, not so much.

However I hate going to a book store or online book sales site and seeing books where the author’s name is in font ten times or more larger than the title of the book. So if they make the title more prominent than the “Anonymous” I might be ok with it?

Actually the book is written, it is being published now, and will soon be distributed, next month.

Wonder if the author will do book signing with a bag over their head and using an invisible ink sharpie?



Looking forward to the breathless coverage.
Here then gone.

They should hire Jack Van Impe’s wife, Nutella, she does breathless better than anyone else on TV!

Cogent and concise, as usual.