BREAKING: A deal to avoid a govt shutdown has been agreed in principle

It’s not imagining.

Exactly. Because they have been warned repeatedly by people within the GOP of the opposition from within the party on a National Emergency declaration. So they came up with an EO to raid other parts of funded government as a work around that wouldn’t require the GOP to go on the record and have to vote either in support of an emergency or in opposition to the head of the party.

Yes. Funds Congress allocated that have yet to be spent by the Military and on disaster relief. I’m sure it will go over swimmingly that the President used an EO to steal funds from the Military and from Americans who suffered devastation in natural disasters, to build a stupid wall that does nothing to actually solve the real issue of illegal immigration. I know you will still support him, but this will turn plenty of others away from him for sure.


k…and what do Ds get…just a reduction in border wall spending?

Not all of the details are out yet. Just the contentious ones. But D’s get funding for enhanced border security, additional CBP agents to patrol the border, an increase in technology at ports of entry to help stem the flow of drugs, in addition to technology improvements along the border.

They also get the remainder of government funded throughout the duration of the fiscal year. All of which were top priorities for them.

Like these…

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So like the dems got logical items that show they are for security and yet trumps base will pretend this never happened…

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Yes. Pretty much. The Democrats and Republicans agreed to common sense security measures. But only one of them will continue to be labeled as open borders because fear and propaganda work well on most of the Trump supporters.


The Constitution does not grant any rights to the President, rights are reserved for citizens.

Pretending the President has rights gives the office far more authority than it actually should have.

Exactly and people will buy into it like it is fools gold. Which i dont really understand…you see they are purposing border security yet you claim they are for open borders…2 plus 2 is zebra in their world


Having seen, and incidentally had to correct, work completed by a Construction Battalion i would not vouch for the quality of the build sadly.

Did you vote for Trump? Just because you vite doesnt mean your guy will win.

Yep. We should all get used to big gov taking land. It’s the American way.

I predict that Trump will order the additional 55 miles be built around San Antonio.

… … … … … … And will claim victory!!!


They are still working on cases from Secure Fence Act of 2006, I’d settle in for a long wait…

So border security is now stupid. Thanks for that.

This is hilarious for a few reasons

  1. had this been obama you would have been arguing this was a gross abuse of power.
  2. you didn’t vote for trump…
  3. see 1 but with any other dem who may sit in that seat…

Werent they freaking about that EO obama did for children of immigrants?

Exactly! And there will be more and more Congressmen/women that will come out in opposition to this, because each of the funding raids will have a constituency impacted by this decision, should it be made. Trump really has painted himself into a terrible corner on this one. I’m not sure what escape he really has now.

Yes…i believe it went to the courts…i believe they are indeed hypocrites