BREAKING: A deal to avoid a govt shutdown has been agreed in principle

Just get tied up in courts…

Couch patriots "heart’ this post. It’s almost like it’ll come true,


No standing and no grounds for a challenge. Good luck.

Aaahhhhhh… sweet, sweet eminent domain. Texans will love it.

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Eminent domain has been used for every road, highway, interstate, pipeline, and rail project in the state plus many more, we’re used to it.

Lol… Why has he not accessed these funds already?

Even if he is within his rights and powers as POTUS, do you want the President to use these powers?

Strange how virtually every single legal pundit say it will be challenged and could go either way.

Hell, you’ll even see Republicans in Congress backing the legal challenges. They won’t appreciate the encroachment, and you can bet any funds that are being shifted will have a constituency somewhere.

Next time a natural disaster hits Texas, i’m sure they won’t mind a Democratic President siphoning off disaster relief funds for their own election goals.

Climate change maybe? It’d be fitting.


When necessary and proper you bet, that’s why the authority has been granted to them.

If you don’t trust a president with or exercising that kind of authority consider that when you choose to vote.

The funds that will be accessed will not be taken from ongoing programs, it will come from funds that remain unallocated, that came in under budget, or were cancelled.

Non Sequitur.

You can neither demonstrate that “Climate Change” is man made, or that we can reasonably do anything about it that doesn’t risk a hellacious backlash like putting reflective material into the upper layers of the atmosphere to reduce the amount of light reaching the surface.

The WH is currently looking to pull funds from disaster relief in California and Puerto Rico, as well as from military construction projects. All via EO, not by declaring a national emergency.

Unspent (as in not yet), not unallocated.

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It wouldn’t be up to you, it’d go to the courts as to whether there were sufficient evidence to declare it 1: man-made, and 2: an emergency.

I’d be wary of the precedent Trump is going to set here.

Well considering he didn’t win in those two places. Nice word bust btw

Funds that were allocated but went unused.

55 miles in new barriers, no concrete wall.


Maybe…but it will go through the courts regardless of your opinion…shrug

What it doesn’t say is, what did both sides compromise on? More will need to be known about this “deal” before it’s a deal in my eyes.

That’s easy, trump doesn’t get his 5,700,000,000 bucks

He gets 1,300,000,000

You know a compromise.