BREAKING: A deal to avoid a govt shutdown has been agreed in principle

Fat donald’s rage tweets are going to awesome.

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If this is true, then the title of this thread is also true.

…when asked whether it included barrier funding and a resolution to the detention bed issue, Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard Shelby said: “We got an agreement on all of it.”

Apparently, 55 miles.

Hannity interrupted the Trump Speech to preemptively try and kill the deal. Hang onto your butte folks, it’s all downhill from here.


What…what do you mean?



Man if Trump only gets 55 miles of wall thats a pretty big fail. Just like failing to repeal ACA

He cut off the speech so he could spend a few minutes railing against the deal saying how awful it is and how any Republicans who support it “Better explain themselves.”

We all know he’s the unofficial Chief of Staff.

On TV???

Wow! Un ■■■■■■■ believable.

Trump is 1/3 of the equation and both houses know that it will take to produce and pass a bill he will sign.

He’s got 4bn in Pentagon funds, a couple of billion in DEA/FBI/DOJ/ and other funds he can legally access already and if this is the best congress can do, he’ll do it and use the Military for the construction.

Yeah, good luck with that. I forgot to ask, I thought Mexicans were going to pay for this wall?

Nobody knows what he will do because his actions are mostly based around the level of criticism he sees coming from Fox News and talk radio. The Republicans thought he was fine with the CR in December. Remember the unanimous voice vote in the Senate?

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A president re-allocating funds himself to build something that hasn’t been legislated and use the military to get it done. And don’t believe the free press even when they tell the truth about me.

No red flags there.


$25 million per mile. ■■■.

Your imaginings are not fact.

He’s completely within his rights and powers as POTUS and CinC to do so under existing laws.

We’ve already been over the long list of prior presidents doing similar things.

So you’re telling me that the Republicans in Congress were not shocked in December when they passed a CR only for Trump to reverse his position on it?

It costs on average 4-8m just to build a four lane highway and that’s if the fed’s already own the right of way.

Add roads, bridges, on/off ramps and land acquisition the price goes up astronomically.

You can’t build infrastructure on the cheap, we’ve tried that with prior border projects and always get what we pay for.