BREAKING: A deal to avoid a govt shutdown has been agreed in principle

Now it’s up to trump. What do you think he’ll do? I think he’ll screw things up and declare a national emergency like the idiot he is.

I forgot to add that It does NOT include the $5.7B that Trump promised for his idiotic fence.


It’ll be rejected.

Will Trump shut the government down twice in less than two months? I mean, the last one went so well for him he might as well try again, right?

I certainly hope so.

I dont think Senate republicans will let him shut it down again.

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I just heard it does include $1.375B for barriers.

Good, we need barriers in strategic areas.

Id just go with orange no trespassing signs. And do something important with that money.


The big question is will Boss Coulter go for it.


If Trump does reject this, I hope Congress still goes ahead and passes it. If Trump vetoes it, they can always override the veto.

My guess is that the Dems have agreed to up the offer to 20 billion for the Wall with “TRUMP WALL” emblazoned in tall letters every 50 feet.


Trumps gonna throw a fit when he realizes it’s 1 Billion for Not a Wall.

Make that “Prohibido el Paso” and it just might work.

He either can pretend he got what he wanted or he can capitulate and rage tweet about it on twitter. The dude will not shut down the government.

He can call it whatever he wants.

Lol…yep. I forgot to translate.

And it’s only 55 miles of it.

Can’t wait for Anne Coulter to start howling.

It’s El Paso Prohibido.

When isn’t she.