Brave Antifa Warriors Confront Elderly Woman with Walker

And the ■■■■■■■ NRA is a terrorist organization?


That is disgusting but what can you expect from a bunch of cowards hiding behind masks?

Used to be, people taught their children to help elderly people across streets. Carry their groceries. Mow their lawns.

I’ll bet if this elderly lady were 30 years younger she could kick every one of their asses and make them go home and cry their mommies.

Try picking on someone who can fight back and see how it works out.

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Man all I hear is crickets…lol


Amazing isn’t it???

I was there, it was a ■■■■ show.

It’s what the left has come too…screaming at little old ladies.

I guess that’s better then throwing em over the cliff…isn’t that right libs?


Libs are so tough and stoic when they have a grievance, huh? :rofl:

It’s not just Antifa, and it’s not just in the USA.

Libberdom is out of control.

Those polite Cannucks, eh ? :canada:

Well that’s disgusting. It’s not enough to slaughter innocent unborn babies but they want to burn down churches that oppose them.

Three cheers for the members who stopped them!

More vandalism from libdom:

Ugh. There’s nothing I hate more than people who mistreat and disrespect the elderly.

I was raised to open doors and carry groceries for the elderly, not act like a savage. Who the hell raised those people?

Some not very classy people.