Boy, There Sure Are a Lot of Treason Lovers in this Administration

Next on the list, VA secretary Robert Wilkie.

I wonder how veterans feel about the man supposed to be caring for them loves Literal American Traitors.

Trump sees some “very fine people” in his Administration.


Unlike President Barack Hussein Obama traitor Jefferson Davis truly wanted to fundamentally destroy America and he sent an army to try to do it.

Veterans with common sense and rational minds will be incensed at hear about Wilkie’s love affair with Davis.

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such a nice fella

Wilkie added Davis’ “unbroken spirit” after the war served as a reminder to the southern people “that their cause was honorable and that all would be right in the end.”

committing armed insurrection and treason, killing Americans just to keep slavery legal was honorable.

150 years later and they still can’t condemn those who wanted to continue human trafficking of children.

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The real amazing part to me is all these people who will cry “but it’s herrrrrrritaaaagggggeee” like sniveling weasels will also be the first to say “The south was all Democrats! WE HAD LINCOLN!”

Like it means something.

Bunch of cowards, racists and traitors the right lot of them.