Boy the libs Are Freaking Out Now - brennan Suggests 25th Amendment

Coup, coup cachu!

Sunlight for all.

That’s what disinfects best.

Declassify everything? Threaten me with a good time. :rofl:


I am in the declassify everything camp also.


Do it.

Burn it all down.

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I just want to know if that’s a Borg ship in Area 51. Then I’ll start to worry in earnest.

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You will be assimilated.


But I’m very concerned what he might do in his remaining 70 days in office. Is he going to take some type of military action? Is he going to release some type of information that could in fact threaten our national security interests?

Seems his concerns are a little more…

If he’s relying on Pence to defend the nation against a potential tantrum from Trump, well then…

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Betting it all on a warm bowl of yogurt

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I’d hesitate to say “relying.” I’d think, “hoping” is a better word for it, and I suspect he’s smart enough to know that it’s highly unlikely.

Still, his comments do some small bit of the work of moving the overton window on what is acceptable commentary regarding Trump.

Although how choice would it be if, after 4 years of quiet kowtowing, Pence suddenly finds some granola for his yogurt and delivers a smackdown against his former boss.


dibs on the drug war files first.

Look at you guys jumping on lib conspiracy porn like a dog on a dropped fudgesicle.



Brennan: I am afraid Trump may do terrible things that I just made up out of my head.


Totally not conspiracy porn, there is in fact a Borg vessel stored at Area 51.


Complete data dump and yes air out all the dirty laundry. Go Go declassifie all.

Bout time

Former CIA Director John “I just lied to the Congress” Brennan?

Yeah, he’s credible…


Are they taking requests? JFK files please. lol

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not like anyone in the government would listen to trump if he tried…

remember when he tried to declassify the russia probe report?